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Free is for me, and you too!

Getting your vehicle ready for winter now is the smart and safe move. Breaking down during one of KC's cold spells is something we don't want to hear happening to you. We're happy to check the basics on your vehicle for free to be sure you're ready to tackle all Old Man Winter can bring.

Free Winter Check-ups

Most winter breakdowns come from bad batteries, poor antifreeze condition, and belts and hoses that are past their prime. We'll check all these along with the condition of your tires, steering, brakes, and suspension.

Antifreeze Service

While others are selling chemical flushes for hundreds of dollars, we're selling the correct service for winterization - a coolant/antifreeze drain and fill. Flushes are for removing contamination from a failure and use pumping equipment and special chemicals. They are simply overkill and oversold at some shops. A drain and fill is similar to the process and need of an oil changes; you do it for maintenance reasons. All coolant/antifreeze types break down over time causing a reduction in protection and a higher freeze point. In our climate, the traditional 50/50 mix is preferred as it protects to -35 degrees. (Honestly, we're moving if it gets colder than that!) Removing the old fluid and installing the proper mix of OEM specific antifreeze/coolant and water is the correct way to service your vehicle for winter and regular maintenance. This service costs $100 in labor plus the cost of your vehicle specific antifreeze.

Battery Replacement

We sell and service Interstate and ACDelco Batteries for any make and model vehicle. Get the #1 battery and the national warranty that comes with it, or go for ACDelco's reputation of quality and their 5 Year free replacement. Either way, your new battery will have the power to get you going on the coldest of days.


We sell, mount, balance, and repair tires. We have a very large selection of tires in all sizes and brands to match your budget and vehicle. Contact us below for a tire quote. Please include your exact tire size and preference if available.