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"One of the best alignments
I've ever had."
Matt Worthley, 2017

Our Hunter Hawkeye alignment system is one of the most advanced computer assisted alignment systems in the market. But more importantly, our guys know how to use it. Don't chance your alignment on the new kid down the street; you may end up going back a second time to get it right. Aligning a vehicle with bad parts or components way out of specification results in a waste of your money, so we check all steering and suspension components before performing the alignment. If anything needs to be addressed, we'll provide a quote and you can decide how to proceed.

Midwest Auto Services - $80 Wheel Alignment

$80 Complete Wheel Alignments

Our alignments start at $80 and include adjustments to all factory provided provisions for toe, camber, and caster at all 4 wheels. We focus on setting your alignment to provide optimal driving conditions and minimal tire wear. Vehicles that have components that are installed well outside of specification, require additional items (shims, bolts, etc), or are modified will cost more than $80 and a formal quote will be provided.

Midwest Auto Services - Custom Vehicle Alignments

Custom Alignments

Have a hot rod, race car, or modified vehicle? Want us to align to your specifications? No problem - we simply charge by the hour.

Midwest Auto Services