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Everything we do starts with honesty and quality.

Midwest Auto Services, formerly Fleming Auto Center, is Blue Springs Premier Auto Service Center. Fully staffed by ASE and General Motors Master Certified Technicians, we have the experience, knowledge, and tools to provide dealer quality repairs and services without the dealership price. Our full service shop repairs all makes of vehicles; import or domestic, new or old. We also operate a full service detail center with more than 10 years of professional detailing experience.

The way we do business might be a little bit different than what you're used to. Our focus is to address your needs and concerns rather than "hunting" for work. Our ASE Certified Service and Parts Consultants work together with our Master Technicians to properly diagnose a problem and fully document the reason services or repairs may be needed. We provide written quotes before any work is started, we review all the information and pricing, and we give you our honest opinion on what needs to be done today and what can wait.

We know the price of any service or repair is an important factor in your decision to do business with us. Our clients tell us that we're very competitive with the national chains around us, we're always less than the dealerships, and we offer much higher quality than the guy who says "nobody beats his prices". Please feel free to call us for a quote before you commit to any repair, with us or anyone else.

As an ACDelco partner, we have access to the entire ACDelco professional product line that covers 96% of all vehicles on the road. We also use OEM (Ford, Honda, BMW, etc.) and National Brand (Wagner, Moog) parts in all of our repairs. In addition to the high quality parts and professional installation we provide, we also offer and industry leading 2 year - 24,000 mile nationwide warranty!

Our honest and open communication is one of the reasons why we continue to be one of the highest rated shops on Angie's List. We're an Angie's List Page of Happiness nominee, we won the "Best of Blue Springs" award from Google in 2013, and we're an EZBZ Verified Business.

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Please stop by for a cup of coffee, call us, or use the contact form to send us a message. We're happy to talk about your service needs. Thank you for taking the time to learn a little about us; we'd appreciate the opportunity to have you as a client.

Jim, Brian, David, Kenny, Mike, Dylan, Tiffany, Kari, and Matthew

A Few Things We Have That They Don't

  • Technicians with ASE Master Certifcations
  • 2 Year - 24,000 Mile Nationwide Warranty
  • Free Roadside Assistance
  • Free Coffee, Water, Juice, and Snacks
  • Free Shuttle Service (with appointment)
  • Netflix and High Speed Internet

Our clients actually enjoy our clean and comfortable waiting area.

Our Professional Team Sets Us Apart

We employ Automotive Technicians who've spent considerable time in the field and proven themselves by becoming Master Certified in their craft. ASE Master Certification is the equivalent of a Masters Degree from traditional university. We're proud that Jim, the shop owner, is on the cusp of achieving ASE's highest honor; ASE World Class.

Jim Clark - President and Owner

Jim is a Double ASE Master and L-1 Advanced Drivability Certified Technician who also has numerous General Motors Master Certifications and over 30 years hands on experience repairing and restoring vehicles. We have an entire wall displaying about 1/4 of the credentials and certifications he's earned over the years. He spends most of the day in the shop ensuring repairs are not only correct and necessary, but top quality and completed on time. Jim served as the Shop Foreman for several General Motors Dealers and was a leading Service Manager for the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company. He grew up in Chicago and moved to Kansas City nearly a decade ago, but somehow still has the Chicago accent. Feel free to pick on him, or at least, make fun of 'Da Bears.

Brian Peck - Director of Operations

Brian is an ASE Certified Parts Specialist and handles our back end business operations. He's worked in a number of different industries in operational and managerial roles. In the automotive industry, he repaired, restored, and raced Porsche, BMW, Audi, VW, Volvo, and Mercedes vehicles at the International Performance Center in Atlanta; worked as a Parts Manager for a General Motors dealership; and worked as a General Manager for Advance Auto Parts. Brian is also our head detailer. He's detailed vehicles for close to 20 years, both as a career and as a hobby. He previously held licenses as a commercial transportation insurance adjuster and spent over 10 years directing and producing in the radio industry. We think he must own a significant amount of stock in Folgers; he drinks several pots of coffee a day. He's also our tech guy, so if the computers aren't working, blame him. He's a pretty good scapegoat, so really, blame him for anything.

David Miller - General Manager

David is an ASE Certified Service Consultant, and a pretty good one to boot. He's been around Blue Springs for a long time and ran the former Fleming Auto Center for close to 9 years. He also managed a Firestone Service Center, and seems to know everyone and everything about Blue Springs and Grain Valley. Need a haircut? He can recommend a barber. Need a ring; he's got a jeweler on speed dial. Need a blah blah blah**? He's got more than enough blah blah to give you a few blahs to last.

** One of David's sayings is "Blah Blah Blah".

Mike Archer - Master Technician

Mike, our Heavy Line Technician, is ASE Master Certified in Automobile, Light Truck, and Diesel Engine and has a large number of General Motors Master Certifications. Like Jim, we have a wall displaying some of the certificatioins and honors he's earned over more than 30 years. Mike is a master of the hard jobs and is why other shops use us to handle their heavy work. He's worked in heavy line and drivability positions for several General Motors Dealers. He has a strange fascination with drinking iced tea from a Ball Mason Jar, and is the king of solitaire.

Kenny Ferguson - Master Technician

Kenny, our Lead Technician, is ASE Master Certified and has over 10 years experience repairing import and domestic vehicles. He's served as Lead Technician for several General Motors Dealers. Kenny likes the hot rods and has built and worked on several at our shop. He has an uncanny ability to fold nearly in half, wedge himself into an engine bay, and reach the impossibly hard to turn bolt. He's pretty funny, too.

Dylan Kliethermes - Line Technician

Dylan is active in the General Motors ASEP Program to become General Motors Certified. He works hands on in our shop performing brake repairs, alignments, suspension repairs, and vehicle inspections under our ACDelco Sponsorship. His attention to detail and eye for quality makes him a perfect fit for our shop. He's a little guy, so we keep him inside on the windy days for fear he may blow away.

Tiffany Hoyle - Detailer

A good detailer is hard to come by; fortunately, Tiffany has become one of the best students of detail we've had. Under Brian's guidance, Tiffany works hard to get the years of dirt, grit, and grime off your vehicle. She's also the "shop mom" and makes us all lunch on a regular basis. For fear of starving, we will withhold any jokes about her.

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We are at the intersection of State Route 7 and Main Street in the heart of Blue Springs.

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